Here’s how to choose your holiday in 3 steps

It’s decided: your holidays, you’ll spend them in a more exotic place than ever! The question is where and how to do it.

bridge that goes to the sea

1. Know what you want!

Your interests: this is what is essential to define at the base (yours and those of the people accompanying you) and this is what will dictate the journey. Are you going alone or with your family? Do you like climbing in the mountains or relaxing on the beach? Historical visits are really your thing or would you prefer to explore the jungle like Tarzan? You prefer to walk around in a t-shirt in hot weather or wrap yourself in three anoraks with temperatures dropping well below zero degrees? Are you the type of person who can’t stay in place and constantly look for sports activities? By answering all these questions, you should have a fairly accurate idea of the ideal destinations for you. For the final choice, your budget and the embassy’s advice will take care of a natural sweep. In fact, check before you leave to find out if there are any outbreak or security alerts issued for that country. You should also know that just because the destination is far away does not mean it is necessarily expensive! Indeed, airline ticket prices have fallen sharply in recent years and life in an exotic country may be cheaper than in some of our neighbouring countries. It’s up to you to do the math!

2. You prepare yourself

The destination is finally determined, all you have to do is prepare! This can start with a series of vaccines that will need to be made in good time. Also find out whether or not you need a visa, the validity of the passport(s)… Last but not least, and this is not the least bad, find out about the various languages spoken in the country. Try to learn some basics, such as “hello”, “thank you”, “how much it costs”, as well as the numbers from one to ten for on-site payments.

3. When to leave?

Is everything in order? All you have to do is make a reservation. The question is when! If you have children at school, the choice will probably be smaller… But in any case, find out if there is a rainy season or a risk of a storm, when to avoid the massive flow of tourists, what are the most pleasant months… External factors can also influence your decision: if you leave too late in the season, you will probably avoid tourists, but you may find yourself facing deserted cities, with no open settlement! Also consider local customs, whether to attend local celebrations or to avoid being in a country where Ramadan is practiced everywhere when you want to eat a little something on the terrace.


Do you have these difficulties when choosing your equipment?

  • Can’t find your way around the multitude of models? So much so that it becomes frustrating….
  • Are you afraid to invest money in equipment without being sure that it meets your needs? And to lose tens of euros because of a bad choice….
  • You have already bought equipment that has proven unsuitable once on a hike, and you don’t want it to happen again?
  • Not sure how to choose between price and quality? Are you looking in vain for equipment with a good price/quality ratio? You like the idea of buying second-hand hiking equipment, but you don’t know the criteria to take into account?
  • Not sure if a feature is really important or if it is a detail? Don’t know what a product is worth?
  • Don’t know how to find light and space-saving equipment without spending a fortune?
  • You spend hours trying to compare different models with each other, understand the technical terms… and finally follow the advice of a salesman who doesn’t know more than you do?
walking shoes

That’s perfectly normal!

  • There are dozens of different brands and hundreds of different models, at very different prices. It is difficult to sort out and know which ones have a good price/quality ratio.
  • Information on the choice of equipment is difficult to find (even on the Internet) and incomplete. Moreover, they do not take into account the most important thing: your needs and constraints.
  • Many salespeople do not have the knowledge and experience to help you make the right choice.
  • Most of the information on the material is in English, uses abbreviations and is made by professionals for professionals. In other words, they are incomprehensible to most people.
  • Comparisons on the Internet are rare and most of the time rank products from the best to the worst, completely forgetting that there is no such thing as a “better material”. It all depends on the needs and constraints of the user.
  • Advertisements and marketing try to sell us all kinds of new products and features. In the end, it is difficult to distinguish between what is essential and what is useless.

I’ve been there.

I know exactly how you feel because I’ve been there, and when I started hiking, I had no idea how to choose my hiking equipment and it frustrated me. I was lost among all these models, I didn’t know if I could trust all the brands and what was the minimum price to pay to have equipment that would hold up well.

I had to listen to the advice of salespeople I didn’t really trust. After a purchase, I was never sure I had made the right choice.

All this to realize a little later on the hike that my equipment was unsuitable and finally regret my purchases – which had the gift of annoying me since my budget was tight.

You may be in the same situation. But you are not alone, many people have difficulty choosing their hiking equipment. And not only beginners….

But don’t worry, learning how to choose the right hiking equipment is within everyone’s reach. All you need to do is have the right information in hand and take the problem to the right end – which many people don’t do.

What you need

Trying to find the best shoes, the best tent or the best stove doesn’t make sense! Equipment can be perfect for one person and absolutely inappropriate for another, depending on your needs and constraints. Everyone has a different budget, a different notion of comfort… Not everyone does the same hikes and does not hike in the same conditions…

That’s why I have designed a simple, step-by-step method that takes into account your needs and constraints and guides you to the equipment you need. This method is intended for those who are in the same impasse as the one I was in when I was a beginner.

I have developed this method over the years, based on my experiences, but also by doing a lot of research on the Internet (French and English). I developed it thinking about what I would have liked to have when I was a beginner to help me choose my equipment. I want to avoid the mistakes I made and the frustrations I experienced.

I therefore share with you years of experience and research to:

  • Save you tens of euros or more (the price of a bad choice).
  • Save you time (hours of unsuccessful internet searches).
  • That you have the peace of mind to go hiking with the right equipment.
  • May you be confident that you have spent your money in the best way.
  • That you spend more time hiking, rather than taking the lead on the choice of equipment.

That’s the purpose of this blog that’s starting!